I Love the Way You Lie- Eminem

Who is portrayed as the violent character?
A.      Him
B.      Her

Was there consent for their sexual behavior?
A.      Yes
B.      No

Where does this go on the continuum on the “Sexual Violence Continuum”?
A.      Mutually consenting touch
B.      Unfair pressure and touch
C.      Sexual coercion
D.      Sexual aggression
E.      Sexual assault

Who is portrayed as the dominant figure?
A.      Him
B.      Her

Many times a victim fears reporting sexual abuse due to dependence on the perpetrator.  The victim could also be afraid for their safety and security.  This video is a display of pure, violent sexual assault.  The victim (the female) is constantly shown as the sex symbol throughout the music video.  She is beaten and controlled by Eminem.  Eminem took his relationship misconceptions of this song and music video to the top of the charts in 2010.  The exposure of the violence in this video may lead some to believe that violence and rape is acceptable.  We must educate and give society that rape is not acceptable and constantly be making strides to preventing a society that accepts rape.  Have you ever witnessed violence in a relationship similar to what is shown in this music video?

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  1. Eminem continues to expose videos like this, and the media loves it. I haven't done much thinking about sexual assault and abuse through media outlets but this video makes it prevalent