Who is portrayed as the violent character?
A.      Him
B.      Her

Was there consent for their sexual behavior?
A.      Yes
B.      No

Where does this go on the continuum on the “Sexual Violence Continuum”?
A.      Mutually consenting touch
B.      Unfair pressure and touch
C.      Sexual coercion
D.      Sexual aggression
E.      Sexual assault
F.      It progresses

Who is portrayed as the dominant figure?
A.      Him
B.      Her

My thoughts:
This is an example of how unfair pressures and touching can be a sort of gateway behavior for sexual violence.  He admits to knowing what it is that she wants to hear, and uses that to get her to sleep with him.  The whole time he admits that he has no intention of keeping any of the promises he makes, and everything he says is for the benefit of getting laid, but that’s all just manipulation.  But it’s ok, she’s a “ho” anyways, right?  But really, it does not matter how many other guys she has been with, she has a right to choose who she has sex with keeping in mind all the facts--not based on the lies--regardless of however many other guys she has said yes to. 
This becomes sexual aggression when he starts spitting out lines like “I’ll slap you off that barstool…Leave handprints all across you.”  These lyrics clearly portray the progression from manipulation, which falls under unfair pressure and touch, to sexual aggression, where he threatens to leave her with “two backhands.”  By presenting Eminem as this player who can get all the girls, the media normalizes the violence and makes it seem as though that’s what girls want since they keep coming back for more.  It does not take a genius to figure out that it’s not true, but with enough repetition, society finally gives in and submits to the pressure, allowing this to spiral.

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