Who is portrayed as the violent character?
A.      Him
B.      Her

Was there consent for their sexual behavior?
A.      Yes
B.      No

Where does this go on the continuum on the “Sexual Violence Continuum”?
A.      Mutually consenting touch
B.      Unfair pressure and touch
C.      Sexual coercion
D.      Sexual aggression
E.      Sexual assault

Who is portrayed as the dominant figure?
A.      Him
B.      Her

In this video, the female is portrayed as the dominant figure who is actually punishing the male for being a womanizer. Britney Spears acts as the aggressor as she throws the male around and displays violent behavior towards him. This piece of media sends the message that it  is acceptable for females to act sexually aggressive towards men because they deserve it or they should be able handle it. However, this is not true. Males can be victims of sexual assault just as easily as females and just because they are usually the aggressors and the more dominating force is society does not make them any more deserving of violent treatment.

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  1. This video shows that sexual abuse is a two way street and not only are women the only victims of it. Men can be harassed in almost as many ways as any woman can be.