Victoria Secret Time Machine

Television ratings sky rocket, as the much anticipated Victoria Secret angels walk down the run way.   The Victoria Secret Fashion show's popularity has become more "exposed" and more popular.  As our society has progressed, so has the exposure of women as objects.  More and more skin continue to show because more and more people believe that "sex" sells.  In the 1995 Victoria Secret Fashion Show, we see a very modest display of women and their lingerie compared to the lavish wings and sexy new outfits of the 2011 angels. 

The eyes of the famous and the non-famous draw upon the Victoria Secret models as they expose their bodies on the runway.  Quickly, both men and women fantasize and gain a huge misunderstanding of sexuality.  Women believe that they must look like these models to please men.  While men crave and desire for their women to look like these "done-up" supermodels.  The reality is the appearance of these women is naturally unrealistic.  We must not promote this show because it is treating women as objects and promoting a misconception of sexuality. Take note in the difference of the two films...How do you think sex in our society has changed?  Does it promote a rape culture?

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