We are Rice students, here to stop the pushers of causing sexual violence!

Our Bloggers!

-Hi my name is Matthew.  I am currently a senior at Rice University.  As a writer of Society, Sex & The Media, my objective is to help transform your mind from the rape culture that media portrays.  Hope you enjoy our post, tell your friends about our blog!

-Hi my name is Cory and I'm a junior at Rice.  I would like to show you the sneaky ways in which the media manipulates the way we see and react to sexual violence.  Hopefully, reading this will help you identify and prevent sexual violence from affecting you and your friends in the future.

-Hi my name is Noelle and I'm a freshman at Rice. I hope to show you the unhealthy ideas about sex and sexuality the media presents that altogether promotes a culture surrounding sexual violence. Likewise, I hope to help you refuse to accept such ideas in order to create a healthy understanding of sex.

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