Who is portrayed as the violent character?
A.     Amy
B.     Sheldon

Was there consent from both parties?
A.     Yes
B.     No

Where does this fall on the "Sexual Violence Continuum"?
A.     Mutually consenting touch

B.     Unfair pressure and touch
C.     Sexual coercion
D.     Sexual aggression
E.     Sexual assault

Who is the dominant figure?
A.     Amy
B.     Sheldon

             As much as Sheldon and Amy negotiate to get to a point where they can both be happy with the result, we can see that Sheldon is clearly uncomfortable.  His stiffness shows that he is just not into it.  Even though people usually assume that it’s the guy who want to take it further and the girl who holds back, the roles are reversed here.  Had it been the other way around and Sheldon had been pushing Amy, this would be the plot for an afterschool special.  The point is, sexual violence doesn’t just happen to girls, it can happen to guys too.  Its important to note that there is a fine line here and sometimes the situation may seem a little murky.
             There is are no lies, deceitful promises, coercion, manipulation, or threats.  Both people agreed to the compromise, which makes this consensual (although kind of awkward).  

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