Mr. and Mrs. Smith...What do you think of this scene???

“Your aim is as bad as your cooking sweetheart and that’s saying something.”  Brad Pitt

1.  Who was portrayed as the violent character?
a.  Brad Pitt
b.  Angelina Jolie
c.  Both
2.  Was there consent for their sexual behavior?
a.  Yes
b.  No

3.  Where does this go on the continuum in the "Sexual Reference Sheet?"
a.  Mutually consenting touch
b.  Unfair pressure and touch
c.  Sexual coercion
d.  sexual aggression
e.  sexual assault

4.  Who was portrayed as the dominant figure?
a.  Brad Pitt
b.  Angelina Jolie

I’m sure many of you have seen this scene...It is quite interesting, and particularly unorthodox compared to what we usually see directed in Hollywood.   No doubt, this scene had many viewers on the edge of their seats; but it also has numerous false implications.  We must raise a red flag in understanding these implications and revert our thinking to avoid a rape culture.  Angelina Jolie does a tremendous job of playing the macho, well equip lady, who is ready for an aggressive battle.  Although she seems like she holds her own throughout the scene, its very evident that the mastermind’s of the movie wanted to show superiority with Brad Pitt.  Throughout the scene, Angelina is constantly portrayed as a sex symbol. 
This scene is an extreme case of sexual aggression.  Although many are entertained by the couples, high-forced, hate-love relationships; clearly, it is sending the wrong message throughout society.  It is saying that aggression and violence is accepted inside the household, and that’s not right.  We must take notice to the misconceptions within our media to continue to begin a movement, to prevent the rape culture we live in. 

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