Limited notions of gender, in this case femininity, encourage sexual violence in society.  Pink makes a commentary about shows how media affects viewers, more specifically little girls.  Throughout the video she demonstrates how the media portrays women as flat characters with little to no substance.  Pink then goes on to point out that little girls are bombarded with hundreds of images of skinny, large breasted women whose shop all day for clothes that leaves little to the imagination.  Instead of having positive role models, girls are taught that a woman’s job is to look good in order to get a man. 
                These types of ideas teach both girls and boys that women are objects that can be replaced or remodeled in order to meet the visual standards of men.  Children mimic what they see because they learn through modeling (as we can see when the little girl flips her hair, imitating the girls on TV).  Pink’s video shows how this becomes a cycle that feeds into itself, becoming more prevalent.  This video is an attempt to break the cycle and create a new, broader image of femininity that is about empowerment and not just limited eye candy.

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