What if Education Prevented these Crimes??

Jerry Sandusky is currently the world's biggest, most famous, rapist.  Sandusky went from being named the assistant college coach of the year in 1986 and 1999 and to being accused as one of America's biggest criminal.  As he claims his innocence and admits of showering with "young boys" at the same time, the public is in disgust by Sandusky's actions.  The problem is that uneducation of rape and our culture allowed Sandusky to continue his streak of raping young boys.  Sandusky's known fifteen year streak of sexual abuse of young boys is being heavily investigated.

Could this have been prevented? Why is there a culture of silence when someone sees rape?  Why does our society turn an eye to such a violent and unethical act?

The scary thought is Sandusky's case is gaining fame and exposure, but this is probably happening somewhere as I am writing this blog post.   Everyone should understand the harm rape has on an individual's life.  If our society, the janitor, and the graduate assistant were a little more educated, maybe Sandusky's crime stops there?  We must always be on the lookout to stop rape.  Listen in on the video.  List why you think Jerry Sandusky's argument for innocence is non-sense.

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